October 1, 2007

More fun with words.

Posted in Personal at 10:08 pm by Caleb Winn

I really do just think about random words quite often. How they sound, how they feel, how they taste. There is an aesthetic quality to words the is lost in the monotony and utility of human speech. 

Words. So powerful that they can stir men to the greatest acts of heroism or the basest acts of barbarism. Our gatekeepers to Truth; our Guardians against lies. The vessel of lies, the obscurers of truth. Words, those most dynamic and powerful of tools. Those most delightful, most damning of ideas. So dangerous that God scattered our language, lest we be as one and confront Him as gods. So wonderful that Christ Himself is called The Word of God, and it was by His Word that there was light to first illuminate the souls of men. 

And we use them to ask our brother to pass the salt.

And what do I have to say about words today? Nothing that justifies that introduction, I’m afraid. I am consistently frustrated by my inability to use words effectively. I’ll sit for hours and write about global geopolitics, only to realize that my writing is laborious to the point of incoherence. What can be done? Perhaps if I can only get back to the building blocks, and try to understand how sounds are formed.

And on that note, the real reason I am writing this post:

One day, sitting at my desk at work, I discovered that you can put almost any vowel sound between the “l” and “ck” sounds, and come up with a word:


The only exceptions that I can think of are leck and loke. Those are not words… yet.  


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  1. Kirsten said,

    oh. my. gosh.

    this was a brilliantly composed essay.

    it made me laugh three times.. the last time was the best.


    completely brill. 🙂

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