August 5, 2007

Coming soon…

Posted in Personal at 10:16 pm by Caleb Winn

In the next few weeks, I plan on trying to write about the following subjects that have been popping in and out of my head:

A. Philosophy

1 ) Sexual negativity — In light of Nietzsche’s criticism of negatively-based morality, and St. Augustine’s argument for the non-existence of evil, how should Christians view sexuality?

2 ) Is Plato a racist? — How can we celebrate diversity if we view the world through the lens of hierarchical conformity to unbending, unchanging universal forms?

B. Theology

3 ) God vs. Truth — If Christianity were not true, would I still believe in it? Is my commitment to my faith an expression of a higher commitment to rationality? And if so, does that undermine the value of faith?

4 ) A New Creation — If God gives us a “get-out-of-jail-free card,” then why should we stop breaking the law? An attempt to explain why sanctification is worth it.

C. Politics

5 ) Lincoln, Nixon, and the Thirst for Power — how different ideas about the nature and value of ambition made on President great, and brought another to ruin.

6 ) Politics As Usual — Does America need institutional reform? And if so, how can such a reform be undertaken?

D. Personal

7 ) Virtue Grows Between A Rock And A Hard Place — Why failure teaches more than success, and hard work is always worth it.

8 ) Poetry — I suck at poetry, but if I write anything else, I might post it here. I have lots of ideas and images, but I struggle to put them into a coherent poetic form. I am a prose writer. But trying my hand at poetry, even if I fail, is worth it. (See point #7.)

I will likely write as the fancy strikes me, but if anybody is especially interested in one topic or another, let me know via email or comment, and I’ll try to get to it sooner, rather than later.


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  1. heather said,

    i am highly interested in points 4 and 8.

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