July 30, 2007

A poem.

Posted in Personal, Poetry at 11:24 pm by Caleb Winn

The Folly Of Hope.

The object of my heart’s desire
Sits sweetly smiling in plain view
But though pursued with burning fire
Yet she remains unwon, unwooed

Although she rests so very near
We’re separated by deep schism
For betwixt us stands a mirror
My own reflection, damned prison.

I strain against the bars of fate
I break my heart within its grasp
And all my efforts come too late
But still within my hands I clasp



  1. Ash said,

    I happen to think that you convey yourself excellently with your words and I enjoyed your poem. I think it might be your lost calling 😉

  2. Mrs. C said,

    I have found the greatest difficulty in writing poetry is my own self-criticism. Often, the subject of the poem is much more complex than words can convey. I can see the poem in my mind, but trying to get it out is messy and dissatisfying. I can never achieve the perfection I see in my mind.

    That said, I think you’re doing an excellent job.

  3. heather said,

    i actually think this is stunning.

    it has a sort of self-conscious honesty about it, which makes it fairly seductive as a poem.

  4. heather said,

    also, this is a rhyming poem and i barely realized it. that is the ultimate success of a rhyming poem.

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